Why Hire a Wedding or Event Planner?

There are many great reasons to hire a wedding planner or event consultant to help with your special day. Although these are exciting times, and reasons to celebrate, they can be stressful and overwhelming.  Many people are unsure about how to plan and execute a unique, once in a lifetime event.

Here are the main reasons why I am confident that you will benefit from my services:

There are so many details in planning an event.  You may know exactly what you want your special day to look like, but you may have no idea on how to get there.  The smallest details can make a world of difference, and I can help you make the process easy and stress-free.  I can help you find reliable vendors so you can easily compare and evaluate every option.  I can handle problems so that this very special occasion is simply a joyous one.

Logistics and vendors is only part of my job.  The really fun stuff is the creativity I can bring. With your input, together we can create a one-of-a-kid event based on your
vision and ideas.  Whether you envision a unique theme, exotic food, or hand made creativity, I can help you plan a day like no other.

Real Cost Savings:
Many people including vendors may try to convince you that you don't need a planner's services because of what they will do for you.  But, a vendor generally is most concerned with the service they are offering.  Who will handle problems that may crop up:  The photographer still has photos to take and dinner is ready; Who will find seating for an unexpected guest; Who steps in when the order of events needs to be adjusted in the middle of the evening impacting  the DJ, caterer, bartender and the wedding party?  Not the florist, the caterer, or mother-of-the bride...

Stress Free:
No matter what type of event you are planning, the last thing you need or want is stress. Peace of mind that the details will be taken care of, vendors will be paid, and unexpected situations will be handled are the number one reasons many people hire a planner. When you don't want to leave your day to chance,  hire a planner!

MK Wedding & Event Planning  LLC

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